Monday, November 26

The Record of Largest Penis Size Belongs to England

A doctor named Jacobus narrated in his publication that he witnessed a man having a 30 centimeter long penis when erected. Other reports of p3nis size include a man having a 35 centimeter erected penis.

According to studies researches made, England holds the leading position concerning the big p3nis size:

1. England
  • 26.67 cm biggest
  • 6.98cm cm smallest

2. Germany-
  • 21.59 cm biggest
  • 8.89 cm smallest

3. Denmark-
  • 20.32 cm biggest
  • 12.7 cm smallest

  • 19.68 cm biggest
  • 8.89 cm smallest

5. Sweden-
  • 19.6 cm biggest
  • 12.7 cm smallest

6. France
  • 19.6 cm biggest
  • 8.89 cm smallest

There are also men with micro penises, measuring only about one centimeter long. This disease is call Congenital Hypoplasia.

Source: funreports


ketshup said...

yung pinoys anong size..ahhahaahha? biggest ata eh..

exinco said...

longer one are from african people. smaller may be asian lol


england? akala ko kano ang may pinakamalaki ever, pero in fairview ha, mas gusto ko ang shapes ng dicks ng americans kaysa sa england,hihihi, thanks for sharing^^ sana kinonvert mo sa inches, nahihirapan ako mag-imagine hihihi

Blank Mind of Treizie said...

Really lang ha?

he he he..

Well sayang walang pics.. harharhar.

lady said...

i would disagree with that Exinco!

I think asians have something to brag when it comes to this..

lady influence said...

hi Lord Manila stone.. kakaiba name na nilagay mo ha... expert ka pala when it comes to this.. ano ba shape ng sa americans kumpara sa mga taga england..hehehheh

lady influence said...

hahhahaha. pinatawa mo ako ng husto treizie. censored kasi. baka ma ban ako ng google pag may pics..heheheh..

Jirel said...

Well, I agree with lady and disagree with exinco.

Exinco might not have seen some biggest and longest penis from asian people like J....
Ha ha ha!!!

jirel said...

And lady influence, thanks for writing this interesting post.

Sasha said...

google for Long Don Silver :p

thats an interesting studie anyway. Thank you for posting this.

lady said...

hahahah. I agree Jirel. wait till he sees Mr. J's.

lady said...

thanks too shasha..

Melanie Tarasov said...

I'm considering a move to England now! Thanks for the ino!

Anonymous said...

lol..unique information..

now i know..

Short but Big said...

Do you ever wonder why Africa is not ever on the list when it comes to this topic and the biggest in the US is a dude named Mandingo, who is black look him up.......
By the way I am 5' 6" and measure
3.5" flacid, erect 7.25" and thick

Manoj Kumar said...

Nice discussion

Anonymous said...

this is all wrong im a russian americaN I AM 17 and my penis is 10 inch flacid and 14 n a half when erect

Anonymous said...

them big ol boys from New Jersey, U.S.A. got the biggest WHITE POWER

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking that these are averages. ofcourse there is going to be an exception to the rule!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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