Sunday, December 9

Facts About Dalmatians

This Spotted dog has been loved by many for years.
It is believed that this breed came from Dalmatia
in Croatia many years ago.

Dalmatians were used as "war dogs" and some have
been used as "bird dogs"..
Some believe that their roots stem back
to the Pointer Breed.. Though most are
Companion dogs now,Many spotted Dals
could be seen running along side coaches in earlier years..

They are a Strong, Muscular, Very Active Breed
with a beautiful spotted coat that can range in colors..
The AKC Standard is Black and White,
and Liver(brown) and White..
But there are Blues,
Lemons(light brown or yellow) also..

Dalmatian puppies are born Pure White,
and start getting their spots in a couple
of weeks..

Deafness is a problem in this Breed,
as with other white dogs or cats..
A repututable breeder will test
the hearing before breeding
and each puppy in the litter
after it is born..

The dalmatian is the only breed
with the inabilty to process Protein properly
in its diet, this can lead to bladder stones
that can be life threating..
A low purine/protein diet is
a must for a dalmatian..
with ample drinking water
and timely potty breaks..

Some foods high in Purine to Avoid:
Liver, Sardines, Scallops,
Beef, Kidney, Game Meats..

Some Low Purine Foods:
Pasta, eggs, poultry,cheese..

Straining to urinate is a sign of trouble,
Seek medical advise quickly..

Although Dals hair is Short,
they are year round shedders..
Freequent brushing helps with this..

These Spotted dogs are the original
"velcro dog"
as they love their companions
and "Stick" by them at all times..
A dalmatian Needs companionship..
They are NOT a "Tie Outside Dog"..
No dog should be !!

A dalmatian will never
grow tired of play..
Is Always hungry..
Will love you unconditionally..
Will be your protector..
Your Faithful Companion..
Your Loyal Friend..
and a SPOTTED CLOWN......


THE ANiTOKiD said...

Nice niche! A site dedicated to facts! A very nice idea! And I kid you not!


lady influence said...

wow, coming from Anitokid, your comment just make me so delighted. do you know how i look to you and other fellow pinoy bloggers for making a name in the blogosphere.. you guys serve as an inspiration to small time bloggers..