Wednesday, February 6

Some Facts About Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton, Pars Hilton
  1. Paris Hilton has five Chihuahuas (including Tinkerbell), two cats, three ferrets and two monkeys.
    (So She's an animal lover? Hmmmm..)
  2. Her favourite movie is Legally Blond (2001). (I like this movie too..)
  3. She gets paid hundreds of thousands of dollars, but she can also ask for a million. (Wow!)
  4. Her heroine is Sharon Stone.
  5. Her role models are Diana, Princess of Wales, Marilyn Monroe and Madonna.
  6. Work and boys stresses her out. (About boys-- that sounds
  7. Every day is different for her. She's either doing a photo shoot, working on a movie or doing a commercial. She doesn't really have any free time nowadays. However, she manages to find some time to party and have fun, but even partying is sometimes for business. (obviously she knows how to manage her time)
  8. Her priorities are Tinkerbell, work, family, health and life. (Lucky tinkerbell!)
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