Thursday, April 24

Beauty Contest Online with $10,000 at Stake

Beauty is not only good to look at but it can bring you money. With or without the money everyone person would want to be beautiful, inside and out. Beauty contests are not only held in elegant stages where contestants showcase their beauties and bodies by walk and ramp in the stage. There’s an online beauty contest going on. Anyone can join, everybody for that matter. You just need pictures to become a contestant. The winner will be judged by not some high profile judges from the fashion industry, or by beauty title holders or by some diplomat or senator coming from the political stratum. Rather everyone who surfs at their website - "Look of the Year dot com" and cast their votes are privilege to judge who will take home the $10,000.

These are the categories. Only young teens are allowed but anyone from anywhere worldwide can join.

  1. Girls 14-19
  2. Women 19+
  3. Boys 14-19
  4. Men 19+

If you are confident about your looks, well give it a try folks!

And in case you don't win, well you've just given yourself an opportunity to be discovered as a model. Who knows!

For details check out their website.