Thursday, June 5

Longest Ear Hair!

A man in northern India has been recognized by Guinness World Records as having the world's longest ear hair. The hair has measured 5.19 inches when the records was set in 2003. It has

The tufts coming out of the man's ears measured more than 5 inches when he set the record in 2003.The hair is estimated to have grown to more or least 10 inches by this time.

Longest Ear Hair!

Longest Ear Hair!Longest Ear Hair!

Longest Ear Hair!

The hair must tickle!


lil smater a** gurl said...

who in da world well have hair and da ear da long not me i am gest sayin anybody got sumthin 2 say u can wright bac come onn i want sumbody 2 say sumthing 2 me today