Saturday, October 25

Have You Ever Tried Joining A Contest?

Have you ever tried joining a contest? Did you win?

I have tried joining 2 contests and I never won. They involved SEO skills which I know only a little. I did make it to a good rankings for these contests. I'm joining a third contest at Techtod. But it's not SEO related that's why I like it even more.

What prompted me to join the contest are the prizes. I aim to win the 1st place. Why? The winner gets a digital camera and $100 cash. I intend to give $100 cash to our church in case I win. I'm really working hard on this. No other sweeter reward for my efforts than winning. If I win it's a double celebration, ist time for me to win in a contest then.

Contest details are at Techtod.

In a quick summary these are the prizes:

1. Digital Camer + $100
2. $75
3. $50

Don't forget to visit the link to read more about this contest.
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