Wednesday, October 7

Random Facts About Your Nose!

  • The sense of smell plays a vital role in our sense of well-being and quality of life.
  • No two people smell the same odor the same way. In other words, a rose may smell sweeter to some people than to others.
  • The average human being is able to recognize approximately 10,000 different odors.
  • Our sense of taste is greatly influenced by our sense of smell.
  • Everyone has his or her own unique odor-identity or “smell fingerprint.
  • A larger portion of the brains of animals and fish are devoted to the sense of smell than that of humans.
  • It is important to understand that throughout every day and night of our lives we smell a wide variety of odors without being aware of them at all.
  • People recall smells with a 65% accuracy after a year, while the visual recall of photos sinks to about 50% after only three months.
  • Your nose can smell directionally, telling you where an odor originates.
  • Your sense of smell is least acute in the morning; our ability to perceive odors increases as the day wears on.
  • A woman’s sense of smell is keener than a man’s.