Tuesday, February 15

Facts About Pimples

Are you suffering from pimples/acne breakouts? This post might interest you. Learn some facts about pimples. Read on..

Facts About Pimples

1. The majority of adults and almost all teens have suffered from pimples.

2. Nearly 71% of adults get pimples regularly.

3. Women are more likely than men to get a pimple and also more likely to have them once a month or more often.

4. More than half of women over 55 still get pimples.

5. About 65% of women would rather have a bad hair day than a pimple.

6. Adults, regardless of gender, are most likely to get pimples somewhere on their face with most blemish sufferers getting them on the chin followed by the forehead, nose and cheeks.

7. To cope with pimples, more than one-third of adults have picked at or popped a blemish to the point of making it worse and women are more likely to have done so than men.

8. Women are also more likely to have bought special make-up or product or wore their hair a different way to try to hide the pimple.

9. On the more resourceful side, 3% of adults have used a make-up pencil to darken a blemish and make it look like a beauty mark, 3% have put a band-aid on it to conceal it and 3% have fibbed and told people a blemish was a bug bite or something else.

10. Among single adults, over half say it is important that they do not have a pimple on their wedding day and 41% say having a blemish on their wedding day would make the day less enjoyable.