Thursday, February 3

Tips to find the best Web Hosting Provider

Web Hosting is very important for webmasters. While there are many free blogging platforms, such as blogger and wordpress amongst many, these do not offer the kind of protection that having your own domain and hosting provider provides. For one, using free blogging platforms carries the risks of blogs getting deleted and thus significant posts, photos and videos lost. Just imagine how painful to see your blog that’s been a constant repository of your personal life, your online diary, suddenly removed! So yes get your own domain and your own web hosting service provider if you don’t want these risks.

However, there are many web hosting companies nowadays and choosing which one is reliable and within your budget can be tricky. You can ask your friends about their experience with different web hosting service providers or read reviews online on the top best web hosting companies. Choosing your hosting provider is vital especially when you run your business online. You don’t want to experience your site going down as this adversely affects your business.

We have heard positive reviews about iPage. Although we are yet to try their service. We have a short experience with justhost and some other providers. We share our justhost reviews soon. JustHost and iPage have received good reviews and are in fact ranking high according to TheTop10BetWebHosting dot com. JustHost is cheaper than iPage and offers free domain for life, which we believe makes it very popular. Godaddy is another popular web hosting provider, although there are also some not so good reviews about their service. The bottom line though is do your research. Choose the best web hosting service provider depending on your needs, on the number of websites you own and on your budget. Not all web host offer the same services. So research first before part with your money.